Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving pics taken from Amanda's blog

Check out the following random picture of Thanksgiving Weekend

Caden first snow holiday and night out at USU in the wind and cold

Cici and Kelly start of the holiday Cici had worked out with Raelyn that morning and wiped all them in shape (well, so she thought until the next morning when she felt the workout)

Karly takes Caden for his firt ride

Turkey effects

SALES Jill already had her plan shcduled and ready before we even read the paper she is so prepared

Basketball is the best

Playing together doesn't get better than cousins

Checkout the tables

Here's hoping I can copy some of her photos just incase any looks at this besides myself....

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thia year has seen such growth in our family in our testimony's as well as our size and blessings. We all have had tests in our lives, and each person and family has faced them with valor and used their faith to handle the problems.
As we met together this Thanksgiving we had some real challenges. The first of the week the weatherman announced that a blizzard was on the way for Tuesday and warned every one to get off the roads and stay home. Jake and Amanda were going to travel then but I was calling saying not to come, Raelyn and the girls we getting their hair cut and Val Jay was even concerned about them getting back into Newton the wind was so strong. There wasn't that much snow, but what there was came down in a horizontal fashion totally blocking vision. Amanada finally gave in and didn't travel. However, the storm was so exhausted by time it left Logan Brigham City area, is fizzled out by SLC. They probably could have made it later in the evening, but there for a while I was really concerned. Thank goodness Melissa, Rob and Raelyn had all called her to say DON'T drive. They arrived Wed and we started the arranging of food, and went to the Utah State Basketball game against U OF U of which we WON and totally enjoyed cheering at. Jim, Ireland, Aaron and CiCi all arrived that evening so we really started to celebrate then.
Then there is the meal. What can I say.....we have that down to a science. Melissa starts us off with the best of the best horsedivours (no it doesn't come up on spellcheck so you have to guess what that word was) with tons of veggies, dips and Mischa made stuffed mushrooms that were to die for......Then there is the dinner: Mom does turkey, Kelly -ham, Munch -mashed potatoes-gravy, Aaron -crackers,beans and sauerkraut, Raelyn had yams, cider, rolls, I had cider, gravy and cherry pie, cranberry salad and Ireland does 3 tell me who had a better dinner than that. Thanks everyone for setting up the tables, chairs, china and glassware. It was beautiful as well as tasty.
After dinner, we just "jelled" and enjoyed each other. We played games, Raelyn brought her jewelery making beads and we totally scored a whole new wardrobe of jewelry for our necks, wrists and ears. Thanks Raelyn for being so talented. It was so fun to watch the girls design and Amanda came up with a new necklace pattern which we all had to copy it was so awesome. Can I say there was plenty of basketball and football for the guys.
Philadelphia was a hit with the cards flying everywhere. Now, I am teased for my "buying" of the cards, but when you are a winner usually how can that be so bad. Those kids of mine will never forget how fast I can snatch up those cards. It was great. Jill was hitting the stores for the shopping of a lifetime by eleven o'clock that night. What a woman...and she made it all night with her family. How they do that is beyond me..
Aaron and Cici stayed the whole weekend, Cici taking care of Caden along with Karly and McKenna so his mom and I could goof of and play around. It was so awesome....Chelsea came home from school and joined us as well (this is when I realized that it won't be long before she will be "sharing her time with another family and I am not sure I am ready for that. Not sure how Raelyn feels about it, but that is one of the reminders of how fast time has gone by.)
I want to tell my kids and grandchildren how much these moments mean to to me. It is the joy of my life to see how you children have grown and the fantastic people and parents you are. All of you are working long hours, serving in the gospel, sharing your time and talents with others and serving me daily. You have all embodied everything I could ever want for you to become. Please know this Thanksgiving has given me another chance to "see" my blessing, feel them, and to have a witness of being a blessed mother.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

McKenna brings out the spirit of blessings

Today I went to the Primary Program at Trevor, Karly and Rylee's as well as Keaton and Mckenna's ward. Both programs were fantastic and the children did great. Of course, my grandchildren were the very best and looked the cutest and sang their hearts out. But there was one that was outstanding in her Grandmas eyes, and that was Mckenna. McKenna was asked to talk on miracles and she chose to relate this story, Now this will be my words, but the idea of her talk.... I have seen miracles happen in my was my Grandma Alder. She was given a blessing that she would regain her eye sight. It took over 8 surgerys but the blessing was answered. It wasn't immediate, but with time, it was fulfilled."
What a beautiful testimony of what happened in my life. Her heart was so pure and her testimony was totaly correct. It is so fantastic that my life could possibly turn out to be a witness of the love our Father in Heaven has for each of us and his knowledge of us and our needs. Thanks McKenna for reminding of how blessed I am.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party and Testimony

I am never sure who reads this blog, but I want to share my thanks and testimony with whoever might read this. I am so thankful for the great friends that I share this life with and awesome family as well as the experiences I have with my children. I have had a wonderful Christmas so far with a caroling group made up of some of my grandchildren and their other grandma and grandpa, a gift from the ward of a lovely basket, cards from all over the country written by friends and family that I love; and to each of you my "thanks for making a wonderful Christmas Holiday." I wrote this note to by children, but the testimony part is for all. Following is my note:
Christmas & my Testimony
First, let me say thank you Jim and Ireland for hosting our Christmas party/get together. For all the weather problems and challenges each family faced to get there, the spirit of family was alive and for those who did not make it, you were missed tremendously. NOW I JUST HAD A BRAIN WAVE: There is always a hole in the circle of our family when a member is missing or unable to attend, kind of like the "Spudnut" circle. Interesting that we could use that as an illustration.............OK, back to the party:The pizza and salads were great and our last bottle of cider was still a little frozen, but what a way to say goodbye to an old year.The gift exchange was very nice as each child received something just for them. Thanks parents for doing such a great job. Jacob, I will mail your gift first thing in the morning from Christian.
MY Gift. What can a mother say when she now is wrapped, warmed and protected by 2 coats. I can now be the sporty, on the hill styling grandma and the classy old missionary style woman at the girly activities with my friends and the ward. I love you all very much and each time I put them on, I will remember that each of you have your arms around me hugging me tight. Thank you so very much.
My Gift to you: As I sat out your gifts it didn't appear to be much of an offering; however, I realized that those jars of jams and syrup are witnesses of miracles and blessings. They are a gift made with arms that work, body that moves, eyes that can see, and a heart full of love and a desire to serve you and my Heavenly Father. It is a testimony to each of you and myself of how blessed I have been and the miracles that have been performed in my life. I can never take for granted the ability to walk, lift an arm, read a book, or hug my grandchildren. SO, please remember how blessed we are as a family with each bite.
MY Testimony. I had hoped when we all were at temple square that I could take a minute to bear my testimony as I will be released the first of February and we won't be together before that time. With some missing, I didn't do it but I would like to take a minute to do it now.I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. That he has put together a marvelous plan for each of us to succeed. I have been blessed to teach a group of individuals that each month demonstrate to me how blessed we and I have been in this life. We all face challenges of heath, wealth or lack of it, work schedules, hard individuals to work with, abilities to learn, or even motivation to do more or better. But, when I see the challenges of life that some of my students have faced to just be there in class each day, I say a large prayer in my heart to Heavenly Father that none of us face those challenges. We are a blessed family who has survived trails or challenges, but with each one, a larger blessing has replaced the pain or obstacle. Our Father in Heaven knows each one of us. He knows our hearts. He knows what our wishes and secret fears are and yet, he daily provides us with comfort and Peace. If we do what is right kids, and make good choices, we need not fear. I am learning that more and more each day. That if I do what I am asked to do, his spirit will be there day and night. Life is going to be hard in the future. The things we have thought that we were owed or needed, are not going to be available. We may be eating different, wearing clothing with patches, or even walking to and from somewhere (I will hate that part personally), but because of the lives each of you have chosen to live, you will NOT FEAR. As a mom, it is beautiful to see you each live the gospel and to teach your children to love their Father in Heaven and to let each of my grandchildren know that he loves them too. Joseph Smith sacrificed so much of his and his family's lives to bring us the gospel. He is truly a prophet of our Father in Heaven. The gospel is true, its guidelines are simple if we just choose to live by them. We will have no fear and never have to look over our shoulder or doubt our choices. I love each one of you and so appreciate all (and I mean all) you do for me. I know I sometimes whine and show fear, but you are the people I have to share them with, and I can't always be strong but together as a family we are. You are the circles of my life. You balance me, care for me, and serve me and I am so grateful. I love each of you and want each of you to know that my love is true, it is tested and strong for each of you and for my Savior. I bear this testimony to you and close in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

To anyone out there, I wish you all a Very Merry Christ mas, and a wonderful New Year.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Blessings realized this holiday

I was looking for something in the dresser by my bed and found the story of "You are Special" by Max Lucado. It is an easy reader and so whatever, I'm retired, I can take 10 minutes to read this, so I DID. Page 27 caught my attention and drew me in. It read:
Punchinello (Janet) laughed, "Me, special? Why?
I can't walk fast. I can't jump, My paint is peeling, Why do I matter to you?"
Eli looked at Punchinello (Janet), put his hands on those small wooden (steal) shoulders, and spoke very slowly. "Because you're mine. That's why you matter to me." Punchinello (Janet) had never had anyone look at him (her) like this-----much less her maker. She didn't know what to say!"
Well, after an awesome weekend and day of giving thanks, this is what my heart felt like. I don't know just what to say. My heart is full, and my life and family are so blessed. Who ever thinks at age 18 when they marry that life will pass so quickly, and that you will go from a family of 2 to a family of 34 (Jessica and Preston make 36) in a time that seems like a twinkling of an eye. When you have your first child you will wonder how you can ever ever love another child as much, but you do. Six kids later you think you can never love a child that isn't yours as much as you do your own, but you find out when you get a special addition added to the mix, that "yes" you can love additions to your family without giving birth.
Each year that passes, I watch as the children grow, and each year they teach me so much. I always thought that the parent was the "knowledgeable" leader, but not in my family. As they mature, they have become the teachers and the leaders.
Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing my life so much. Thank you for loving me and entrusting me with such beautiful spirits. Thank you for the additional blessings of each grandchild and for the joy, love and the peace they bring to me and their families. Each day I am reminded how much you love me by the acts of kindness shown to me through great friends, family members and the children. I am reminded that even with my paint chipping, and not being able to jump or run, you still love me for me.........What else can we say but "Thank you oh great one" for your love!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I got that title from my niece on her blog and thought that is was a beautiful way to remember the day. (Thanks Mique).
Anyway, what an awesome day or group of days. Let it be said up front that the only thing missing or that could have made the weekend better was if Marci and family could have joined us. Otherwise, it was just to good to be true. The food was fantastic, but the company we kept was the best. Each family helped in the fixing of the meal. Melissa did horses'd'overs (check the spelling of that one) and the ham, Kelly outdid her self with the spinach salad and jello salads, Raelyn had the mashed potatoes, there is a story here. She cooked them and was using my Bosh mixer to mash them. She didn't get the lid screwed on tight and turned on the mixer. The potatoes flew everywhere. We were having flying potatoes, not the usual mashed. She had plenty, so we just cleaned up the mess and kept going. She had the sauerkraut and yams as well, Amanda did rolls (good job Amanda), Jill purchased the ham for Melissa to cook, Ireland did great pies, I had the turkey, broccoli salad, gravy, dressing and 1 cherry pie. Holly molly for a great dinner. All the family pitched in and set up the tables, took the furniture outside to make room, got out my moms china and glasses and away we went. We snacked on the awesome treats that Mel brought while we got everything ready. Aaron worked as the photographer and took some great pics. Trevor used his unique way of whistling to call us all to dinner. You have to see and hear this one to believe it by the way. It is really a combination of fingers like movements with screaming at his top notch scream. Anyway, he got us together.

After a beautiful meal, we enjoyed a great visit, watch Dirty Jobs on and off, worked on the family calender, and played cards.

Nothing is better than visiting with those you love. Aaron and Zach stayed over that night, Jill was hitting the sales with her family at 3 on Black Friday morning and Munch and Jake headed home so he could do his stores Black Friday sales about 10 PM. They didn't get home until after 1 AM due to traffic accidents. I am so honored that each family took time to come and share this special day with me. More in another blog on being thankful, but I wanted to share te family dinner photos will you all. Friday's activities are the next addition to blogging.

Val Jay mentioned that on Friday we could come out and do some shooting on the ranch. No questions on whether my family would enjoy that. Eleven AM the Alders were at the Rigbys. It was the most beautiful weather. Cold but not bad enough that a heavy sweatshirt or jacket and some gloves were all you needed. Val Jay had 4 boxes of clay pigeons and lots of shells and Rob had bunches of shells as well. I have decided that my children own arsenals. Holly cow. Jim and I worked with the 22's and Rob and ValJay took the older kids on the other side of the trucks and did the shotguns and rifles. What great shots. I know, they take after their grandma. I loved shooting and this was me in heaven. All my kids, outdoors, and checking out our aim at the targets. Kelly is a born shot, Zach is awesome, Wes is really learning how to kick some butt, and of course, Rob is great because his mom taught him how to shoot. (HEHEHEHE). ValJay and the girls took their turns too. Ear plugs were needed most of the morning. Val Jay also had his 4 wheelers there so the kids took rides all over the mountain area. The view from the top is one to remember. What a lucky family we are. Aaron again took Pics of the kids and family shooting. Here you go:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live'n and Leave'n Halloween Traditions

The Party Begins!

Well, after 28-29 years of the most fantastic experience a family can have, I am closing my doors to Halloween Spudnuts. Now, before you panic, that doesn't mean I won't make some for friends, relatives and neighbors upon request when I feel like it, or that I can't help the family members next Halloween if they choose to carry on the tradition. It means that the tradition needs to move to the next generation. Each of us in the family has wonderful memories and it has united us as a group. There is no way that one human could do all that by themself. It has been through the efforts of the children that this has been such a success.

The neighbor called our local paper and they came over to take pictures and wrote an awesome piece for the front page of this years Halloween paper. What an honor. I tried to round up all the grandkids, but the only ones free were Raelyns younger three and thank goodness I had them. Keaton loves to roll out the dough, and "bang it and put it frozen on the trays" and he was excited to come help. McKenna and Breanna are getting really proficient in doing the sugaring as they were taught by their sister Rachel all these years. Rachel started being the master sugarer when she was only 3 years old. Like I said, it took everyones help no matter how old and their abilities.

While talking to the paper, I realized that I had "specialists" in the field. Rob and ValJay were the experts for cooking with helpers moving up on their tails of Kelly, Amanda and Jake. Raelyn has always been the Kitchen supervisor and director. She organizes the pots/pans, plates, and washes dishes until she has the kitchen spit-spot. Chelsea has always been daycare provider and child specialist. We always asked her to "monitor and supervise the kids and make sure they didn't step or crawl into the trays of spudnuts laying on the floor by the fire place. This year, she and her boyfriend took the little ones downstairs and played with them. What a relief knowing they were taken good care of and none came up missing when the hundreds of people left. She would also take them out tricker treating as the parents were all busy cooking. Then we have Jim, supervisor of entertainment. This year was so awesome as it came full circle in his tenure as a specialist. Jana Harrison was about 4 or 5 years old and they came to the home in Providence. Jim was dumping the dummy (his name was Aldernator) off the roof with a fork stabbed in the chest and catsup on the front, and Jana was so freighten she peed her pants right there on the porch. This year she came again (their family has never missed a year) and brought her daughter Mikaha. Jim scared her and she cried so hard. We took a picture to show the new generation and then Jim took off his burlap covering and spoke to her until she calmed down and they gave each other hi-5's. We have always had outside help from friends and sometimes strangers. Last year, the crowd showed up before the kids got here and a couple of families jumped in and manned the cookers until the help got here. This year we were blessed with the help from Dillian Moffatt and Jakes sister Jessica and her husband Cameron, and of course the Bayles family. Yes, that is about 15 people moving doughnuts in and out of warming ovens, cooking, sugaring, washing up some of the pans as well as greeting hundreds of tricker treaters. It is great to see people that followed us from Providence each year. Sometimes, this is the only time we cross paths. Many of the Newton families want to have this tradition over there and have offered to help Raelyn and ValJay pull it off. Rob and Kelly have even considered taking it on back at the old home front. Jake and Amanda had a great idea to take it to Price and use it for a caroling party with families and serve hot doughnuts with hot chocolate when the people returned. They have a great carport that would work PERFECT for this. SO, the tradition moves on. It was only to be done this year because the family donated money, fire extingusers, burners, pots, and the Bently family gave us some oil to help out. I truly have been blessed that I had a mother that started this tradition 50 years ago. It has been a great blessing in our lives. It has cemented us together in memories and work. If you are one of the great friends who has helped us over the years or one of the family that will carry on this great tradition, I will always be grateful and blessed that you have. Each time you make them, it will be honoring me and my mother Rachel. I am a blessed lady.

I would like to give some facts about what this year was about:

Total made: 2800 +

Served 350 to DI. Another first, Rob figured out how to "Move" the spudnut while they were raising with the warming ovens and hauling the dutch ovens and cookers as well in his work trailer. Worked great, and we had a ball. The management was able to "serve" their workers.

Served about 500 + to various business, friends, and neighbors on Wed and Thursday

Gave over 100 away frozen to various people

Served 1800 that night

Used 250 pounds of four

Used 243 eggs

Used 100 lbs sugar

Used 6 containers of crisco

16 gallons oil

5 large boxes of potato flakes

and other miscellaneous ingredients...............

I made 27 batches which make about 110 each batch


What an awesome experience and what great rewards.